This blog is another one that is long overdue that I completely missed of Sararose!

Sararose was my quadmate during my junior year at Liberty.  She’s awesome. All the late random conversations I’d have with her and her roommates or any other girl on my hall in our quad are definitely hilarious! Ha I was cleaning my room a week ago and found a quote book that we made for the hall.  Sararose I have to say is probably one of the most genuine people I know.  She speaks her mind, is focused, but is also very warming and friendly to anyone she comes across.  I could go on about how awesome she is, but then I would forget about showing you the pictures from this session! 😉 

Anyways, I have a confession about this session.  It was the first that I’ve done in Camera Raw. I know, shooting in Jpeg is equivalent to the photographer’s sin, but when I decided to finally do it, I’ve never looked back!

Well, we decided to go to downtown Lynchburg by Waterstone.  My internship was a block away and one day I drove that route home and realized that was the place I wanted to do her session! I loved it especially because I felt it fit her look and personality the most (other than a meadow).  Here are some of my favorites!



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