Photography Challenge: Day 2-Rule Of Thirds

I’m a little late with getting Day 2 posted.  But it’s better late than never, right?

I kind of decided to switch this challenge up a bit.  Because the original challenge that I had really didn’t seem to be as impactful in itself.  So I will be combining two challenges that I found and see how it works out!

This blog will be shorter than yesterday’s because there really isn’t a “long story” to this. 

Anyways, Day 2 is Rule of Thirds.  For those of you that may not know, the rule of thirds is very important to photography and video composition, the typical frame is broken into 3×3 segments and you shoot to keep the subject within the correct frame.  There are times when you can “break” the frame, but it has to be purposeful and effective. 

I decided to take a picture of my sister’s violin.  She’s been taking lessons.  The violin is probably my favorite instrument to hear.  Often times, I tend to love certain songs completely based on the fact that they used the violin well.  The song itself could be absolutely horrible, but I really loved the violin parts of it.  I really wanted to learn, but unfortunately I haven’t.  I also do not want to take the time to want to learn how to read music 😉  I’ll stick to dancing. 



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