Photography Challenge: Day 3- Black and White

I have to say that this is probably going to be one of my favorite days thus far.  Even though I’m only on the third day The task for Day 3 is black and white.  I absolutely LOVE black and white photography. I love the limitless things that you could do with it.  It mutes the extra distractions from the picture and ultimately focuses on the subject.  A black and white picture brings so much more emotion and anticipation.  As a photographer, I feel as though I can express myself as a person so much more when I shoot for black and white.  There are times when I have put my images in black and white so much that I have to force myself to use color sometimes.  To be completely honest, most of my images from this challenge will probably be in black and white.

I personally play around with black and white styles depending on the way I have taken the image.  Like the picture that I had taken yesterday for example.  I wanted the violin to look so much more dramatic, yet important.  So I used a preset to make it a warmer, black and white color in addition to making it a little more sharper.  I believe that image really set more focus on the violin than it would have it I made it to be in color.  I will post the unedited image in addition to the black and white one that I have done for the violin.


This isn’t even the image that I’m going to use for Day 3, but I really wanted to use this as an example because I didn’t use the same black and white preset for the picture that I took today.

As I continue, here is the image that I am using,  this one is unedited.  I took it of the lamp post that is in my front yard.


It’s pretty distracting considering the flower bush on the side and the tree behind it.

There is a difference between the two in where your eye lands in comparison with the last image with color.  Probably the only distracting part of the image is my logo,  but other than that, most likely, your eye is going to go to the lamp post because it’s in the front and that’s where I focused the image.   The potential of a black and white image is so unpredictable, it’s amazing!


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