Photography Challenge: Day 7-Silhouette

I was originally going to grab a sunset picture tonight.  But considering that I lost track of time this evening and missed the sunset, I had to improvise a do a silhouette.  I have to be honest and say that I haven’t really been a major fan of silhouettes. It’s an art form that I never cared to do. Which is why I considered skipping it. While I know there is so much better ways to perfect the way that I had done this image, I have to say that I at least gave a pretty decent shot at it.  I grabbed my sister’s roses and used the flashlight from my phone and just shot it and put it into black and white to give it more of a dramatic feel. 

It does allow me to learn a little more when I decide to get more detailed shots and how to properly light them.  There is always something to learn when trying to do something new


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