Photography Challenge: Day 8-Bokeh

I unfortunately missed a day and fell behind, but I’m really looking forward to share today’s challenge.  1st it’s doubling up as a sneak peek of my session that I’ve done with my friend, Courtney.  2nd,  I really love Bokeh. 

Bokeh really is done in such a wide variety of photography, but it pretty much is the result of a Shallow Depth of Field.  Meaning, for a portrait, that while the subject is in focus, the background is blurry.  I just learned this as I researched a little about it, but it is derived from a Japanese word, meaning “blur”.  You learn something new every day right?  But for photography, this creates more attention to the subject instead of all the distractions of the area around them.

For the most part, the explanation is very simple. It does take practice to perfect.  Which, to be honest, I’m still learning to perfect it.  My 85 1.8 gives BEAUTIFUL bokeh.  I haven’t gone through all of the images from this shoot, but I picked one that I liked to show for bokeh.


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