Photography Challenge: Day 9- Landscape

I’m finally getting to the blog just before the day is over! Day 9 is Landscape.  My feelings towards landscape photography are variant depending on the time, place, and location.  I generally do not like landscape photography in itself, however, if I catch a sunset, or even a body of water, I love it because then I could use a long exposure.  I’ve mentioned a few times of how much I absolutely LOVE long exposure shots.  Overall, landscape photography is the subject that I shoot for the least.  I’ve learned various techniques like making sure the sky versus ground is evenly spread across the frame, but other than that, landscape is something that I would definitely need to take more time to learn in the future.  The picture that I’m using is one that I shot at a farm in a park about 30 minutes from me.

I really liked the overall composition, especially when I put it in black and white.  Although I am biased to black and white.  I’m definitely going to try perfecting my overall landscape photography in the future =)

  1. mebee says:

    That cow is almost lost in the trees.


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