Photography Challenge: Day 10- Colored Waterdrops

One thing that I have to say about this photography challenge is that I am getting that much closer to finding and perfecting my nitch. However, I have a new thing on my list of photography types that I need to get more practice on.  Colored Waterdrops.

I’ve never done it before and it was on my list.  To be honest, I do feel as though the concept of it is weird and takes a lot more skill than what the look and feel lets on. I was also fairly limited as I didn’t have any marbles to reflect water on, so I used the gummy bears that my mom had bought for the youth group at my church.  I just sat them in a bowl and placed it under neath the glass table and dropped some water on top of the glass.  Here is how it came out

You can see some of the color in the water, but definitely not enough to really make an impact.  I’m curious of how it would be if I had a wider lens or even just a macro lens so that I could get closer and have it in focus.  I will have to look into it further.



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