Richmond Virginia Photographer | Courtney

Right now I am still on the high of owning a 6d.  Now that I’ve kind of gotten the hang of it, I want to shoot as much as I can and continue to grow and develop further as a photographer.  Owning a full frame camera does a whirlwind of a difference in comparison to a crop frame.  I’ve only done one session before with the camera, my brother’s senior pictures, so I really wanted to get a few more in before I headed back to Lynchburg for school.  My friend, Courtney was more than willing to come help me out and be a model for me.

First, Courtney is awesome! We’ve met last year, I interned for the Athletics Marketing department at Liberty while she was working there for community service.  We worked a few games at the same time and since we had the same major, we had a class together the following semester I believe.  The funny thing is, when we met we discovered that we lived so close to each other, so after graduation, we decided that we probably should take advantage of it ;).  She’s great!

Secondly, I’ve been looking around for a while, trying to find a farm that I could shoot on that wasn’t privately owned or had to pay something to shoot on.  I’m part of a local community group called Shoot and Share and I came across someone mentioning about Meadow Farm in Glen Allen.  To my excitement I looked it up and saw that it was exactly what I was looking for.  I tweeted about it and Courtney told me that she would definitely love to model for me!

This session, was absolutely amazing! I may have to say that it is probably one of the best that I’ve done to date. There are so many that I could choose from, but here are a bit of my favorites!


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