Photography Challenge Day 12-Routine

When I took a look over the photography challenge when I decided to do it, one of the first things I noticed was the challenge for photography a routine.  My first initial thought was what routine exactly would I photograph that is actually worth photographing?  I wanted it to mean something.  But my routine has such a wide variety at times.  I clearly shower, brush my teeth, and do my hair everyday.  I read my bible everyday.  I use my computer and my phone everyday.  But what is something routine in my life that I I wouldn’t necessary be a cliche’?  

I thought about it all day today and realized that writing is probably the one routine that connects everything.  I kind of identify myself as a writer.  Clearly because I decided to write a detailed blog with every single image I take in this challenge.  I communicate certain things more efficiently when I’m writing. I write when I have my quiet times because that’s my main way of making a connection with what I’m reading.  I write things down as I hear them.  I journal.  I keep a detailed planner and I’m most excited about the beginning of a semester when I can sit down and plan and write everything out in a detailed schedule.  

Writing is a part of my life.  I don’t know what I would do without it. 

I took a picture of one of the many notebooks I have.  I wish I had one notebook designated for one particular subject, but it doesn’t happen that way.  I’ve somehow created this book to be widely multipurpose 😉 


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