Photography Challenge: Day 14-Technology

I’m almost halfway done this challenge! I’ve been learning a lot and really have expanded my reach slightly more than what I would have if I didn’t do this challenge. 

Considering Day 14 was technology, I’m pretty sure it was a bit obvious to take a picture of my phone.  I probably should’ve taken a picture of both my phone and my computer, but I figured I’d just keep it simple and just do my phone.  Technology is a big deal for me clearly.  It pretty much is the main reason why I stay so organized. Between syncing my schedules to my phone so that every single hour is accounted for.  I pretty much made the awesome decision of switching from android and PC to the Iphone and the mac.  The thing about Apple that makes their products great is the way programs build for it, but also the way that they sync together.  I can easily change something in my computer and my phone would update.  The features are endless.  I also love Siri 😉

Anyways, here is the picture that I’ve taken of my phone


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