Photography Challenge: Day 17- Shoes

I think shoes say a lot about a person.  If you were to be a creeper and examine someone’s shoes, you could somewhat gain an impression of their personality, their work ethic, their line of work, how they walk, but most importantly, their style.

I am not an obsessive shoe person.  However, I do have to say that it is my favorite part of whatever I decide to wear.  I prefer to have every pair of Jordan’s in multiple colors so that I could match them with my shirts.  But as I’ve gotten older and clearly have more important expenses to take care of, I have never gotten the desire to pay $100+ on a casual shoe that I’m not going to wear often because of 1. the profession that I’m pursuing and 2. the fact that I probably should buy smaller, “girlier” shoes. 

Shoes is a serious thing for me because of the challenges that I’ve had with my knees.  I’m not supposed to wear flats and flip flops but I kind of do anyways. However, I do need to make sure that I buy quality shoes.  I fail at that sometimes.  Anyways, I just bought a pair of sandals that I like a bit.  Probably one of the best pair that I’ve bought in a while.  I actually prefer to wear them over my flip flops because they are a lot more durable. Clearly.

I like to think that the shoes I wear expresses my somewhat of a laid back personality.  I’m simple and I don’t need anything flashy to get me by during the day.  I don’t like bringing attention to myself.  Never once in my life have I had someone come to me talking about how much they loved my shoes and I’m perfectly fine with that. 😉


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