Photograpy Challenge: Day 18-What’s in My Bag (And why I carry so little)

Okay so initially I could have decided to take a picture of what is in my photography bag, or just go and tell you what’s in my normal non photography bag.

First, I didn’t own a pocketbook until I was 17. I’ve used it sometimes because I mean, I had to become a bit more girly.  Then after a while I really never used it unless I needed to go someplace where I had to dress up.  To this day I would prefer to wear a backpack over a pocketbook.  However, after pulling muscles in my back one too many times, I had to just get a bag.  The funniest thing is that I prefer to wear my bags messenger style.  Not the way most women wear their bags.  I can’t tell you the names of different styles of bags.  I can slightly identify what are good brands of bags.  But for the most part, I really could care less as long as it’s going to hold my stuff.

Secondly, I carry little to nothing when I leave the house.  My wallet is missing in this picture (I believe I’ve left it in the car). But I always carry my chapstick, my wallet, my keys, lotion, a pen, and a book (if I’m reading).  Most times my book isn’t even in my bag. 

Some days I may bring a comb.  Sometimes foundation.  It varies. But I never bring more than what I need.  I like having the freedom to just get up and go, move fast, and not be bound by what is hanging on my body.  My mind is clear.

So, now you know what is in my bag 😉


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