Lynchburg, Virginia Photographer | Anna

Ah Anna. She’s great.  She was on my hall last year and the first time I met her, I just knew the year was going to be a great one.  She brings joy to anyone she meets.  She’s straight forward.  She doesn’t sugar coat things.  

However, one of my favorite things about her is how protective she is to the people she cares about, but is also protective of people that she probably just met. Even if it was for a moment.  Regardless of what they may have done or didn’t do for her.  She’s genuine.  I’m always excited to see how the lives of the girls I have lived with over the years will turn out, but Anna’s is probably one that I am most excited of.  Well, anyways, we went downtown and got a few amazing shots! What I am excited about is how I am doing better with utilizing the sun.  It takes practice to making sure everything is properly exposed, minimal shadow, but also letting the light hit just right as a beam on the head.  😉  I’m starting to get it now.  Plus, Anna is gorgeous! 

Enough of me ranting.  Here are some of my favorites from our shoot!


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