Lynchburg, Virginia Photographer | Kayleigh

Kayleigh is a trooper.  Southern girl on a 14 degree winter day without a coat and a bunch of wind to top it off.  She transferred to Liberty this semester and I instantly knew that I was going to like her a lot.  She’s athletic and tough.  Has some sass, but is also pretty straightforward.  She is also super pretty and photogenic.  I’m actually really glad that she volunteered to model for me.  Especially with the weather being the way that it is.

Anyways, this was probably the coldest temperature that I have ever shot in.  I forgot my gloves were in my car (thought I misplaced them) and went completely bare. That was quite the experience.  We went downtown to Percival’s Island, trekked through all the snow and got some pretty good shots.  I have to say that Kayleigh is pretty easy to photograph because even when I give her direction, she still comes up with some pretty good poses on her own.  

Here are some of my favorites! 


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