Lynchburg, Virginia Photographer | Hannah & Lexi

I decided to post this blog a whole day early! Last year was the first time I decided to be bold enough to photograph in the snow.  This year, seeing that it was going to snow again, I figured that I should take the opportunity to try improving my “snow photography” while I had the chance.  I didn’t want to really drive in it while it was snowing, so I did a 2 shoots across from the Quinn at the Genworth property.  It was actually perfect.

Anyways, Hannah and Lexi are absolutely amazing girls.  Hannah is one of my prayer leaders and Lexi is her roommate.  They carry a lot of spunk and joy.  I have learned so much from them over the course of the last several months and I am glad that they are on my hall ;).

We didn’t shoot long, but here are some of my favorites! 


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