Lynchburg, Virginia Photographer | Ashlee, Courtney, & Sarah

After being an RA for almost 3 years, one of the things that I treasure the most is seeing the rooms with 3 girls in it be filled of joy… they get along well with each other, no one is left out.  In general the relationship between them all is very healthy.  A lot of times, in a three person room, you would either have all three of the girls go on to do their own individual things, or maybe 2 of them would get along well and then there’s that one who is singled out.  It’s definitely not like that with these girls.  They are also prayer leaders on my hall so that makes perfect sense, right?  

No, but seriously I really enjoyed taking the time to shoot Ashlee, Courtney, and Sarah.  It was interesting because we were so used to have 14 degree weather, so even when it became to be around 45 degrees, it felt like summer.  We basically had a warm day with snow to make it look a bit colder.  

Here are some of my favorites! 


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