My Threes: Christmas Editing Playlist

I do a lot of different things when I edit – listen to music or podcasts. I’d watch (maybe more like listen) to tv. I’ve cooked, “tried” to clean. But I think most often, I do listen to music.

I started listening to Christmas music on November 1. Now, I know all the Christmas purists feel as though we should wait until after Thanksgiving to pull it out, but I don’t care. I’ll listen as I please. 😉 Here are some quick Christmas songs that are on my playlist this season:

I know, I didn’t go with anyone underground – I ALMOST put All I Want For Christmas is You (and believe me when I tell you that will always be on my playlist), but I decided to go with these three because it is also among my favorites on my list. Tell me, what is on your Christmas playlist?


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