Wedding Cake Inspiration

There are so many intricate details that comes into play when you’re planning your wedding, but a lot of those details end up being focused on the theme. These details include decor, colors, your dress, bridal party attire, and more. One of the details that I’m going to focus on today is wedding cakes and help give you some help and inspiration as you narrow down the best cake for your wedding day! 

I have quite the sweet tooth. If it’s sugar, I’ll probably find a reason to fit it in my mouth.  Ice cream is my absolutely favorite. Cheesecake is to die for. I go through different candy phases, and it just finds its way to cycle through. It’s so great for my soul, NOTTTT so great for my body lol, especially as I’ve gotten older. 😉 But when I think about weddings, one of the things that catches my eyes the most are the wedding cakes. It’s among the first (if not the very first) things I photograph in the reception area.

I find that a wedding cake tells just as much about the bride’s personality as any other wedding day detail.  The most common color we will see for wedding cakes are of course white. But there’s always going to be something different. Tiers, flowers, flavors.  A lot of brides are utilizing cupcakes. Some do cheesecakes (that’s what my husband and I did for our wedding, 100% recommend).

Because there are so many different styles and tastes, I just have to take the chance whenever I can to try a slice. My absolute FAVORITE bakeries in Richmond are Pearl’s Bake Shoppe and Sugar & Salt RVA (Sara of Sugar & Salt did my wedding cheesecake). They’re just perfect in every way. I’ve come to have a new appreciate for the craft of making a wedding cake because it takes a lot of pride and dedication to perfect something so beautiful and tastes just as amazing. 

Choosing a baker and then a design can be difficult work.  Here are some recommendations that I have for selecting the perfect baker for your wedding:

  • Decide on a budget 
    • Most wedding cakes in the Richmond area range from about $5-$6 a slice 
  • Do Taste Testings
    • Don’t hire a baker on looks alone. You want to be able to enjoy your cake and flavors. A lot of bakers give you the option to pick 3 top flavors to try.  Take advantage of that!
  • Ask for a portfolio
    • This goes hand in hand with the taste. Don’t hire a baker on taste alone. You want your cake to look nice and photograph well! 
  • Ask about delivery options
    • You want to be able to be sure that your cake is going to get to your wedding reception on your wedding day without any worries. Ask about delivery costs & typical time of delivery. I recommend that you have your baker/staff handle delivery unless you know someone that is experienced in handling wedding day cakes.

Here are some cool wedding cake designs to help get your inspiration and ideas flowing. I’d love to know, what are your favorite cake flavors?


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