Richmond, Virginia Wedding Photographer | Wedding Cake Inspiration

As you get a chance to know me, you will learn that I have quite the sweet tooth. If it’s sugar, I’ll probably find a reason to fit it in my mouth. I absolutely love ice cream. I love cheesecake. I go through different candy phases, and it just finds its way to cycle through. It’s so great for my soul, NOTTTT so great for my body lol, especially as I’ve gotten older. 😉 But when you think about weddings, one of the things that catches my eyes the most are the wedding cakes. It’s among the first (if not the very first) things I photograph in the reception area. There are so many different styles and tastes that I just have to take the chance whenever I can! My absolute FAVORITE bakery in Richmond is Pearl’s Bake Shoppe. It’s just perfect in every way. I’d love to hear of your favorite bakeries, but before I do, here’s some awesome wedding cake inspirations!


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