The Jefferson Hotel Wedding | Charmaine + Corey -

The Jefferson Hotel Wedding | Charmaine + Corey

Charmaine and Corey’s wedding definitely happened in a very special way because of how they’ve emphasized worshipping God throughout their celebration. I loved the idea of them incorporating a biblical theme entwined with the classy interior of the Jefferson Hotel wedding venue. It was truly an honor to capture every moment of their big day and know the story of this incredible couple. 

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Besides witnessing people celebrate love, one of the perks of being a Richmond wedding photographer is that I also get to know their stories. Charmaine and Corey met when they were still in high school. Both worked at Walmart and dated for a short period. It didn’t work out that time, so they broke up, and Charmaine went to Howard University in Washington, DC. Faith reconnected them years after, and it helped them sustain a strong long-distance relationship with each other especially when Charmaine moved to New York City. 

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Now, they’ve decided to put an end to being apart most of the time by having Corey move to New York with Charmaine. Most importantly, they just got married at the Jefferson Hotel – one of the most gorgeous venue that sets the standards for Richmond weddings. It is a constant favorite for a Virginia wedding photographer like me because of how classically elegant it is. That meant we definitely had to take advantage of how gorgeous everything was – and so we did!

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The way they styled their venue with royal colors and gold accents made the entire place so much more sophisticated. In addition to that, I loved the idea of capturing our couple’s portraits because of how they are undeniably meant for each other. Without a doubt, the Jefferson Hotel wedding venue was filled with love radiance, not only from our couple but also from their family. You can clearly feel how connected and close they are with each other.

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I found it so sweet that the bride’s dad chose to sing a song for his daughter instead of the traditional father/daughter dance. It was such an intimate gesture to witness. I’m just so glad they chose me to be their Richmond wedding photographer!

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