Castle Hill Cider Wedding | Cate + Ross -

Castle Hill Cider Wedding | Cate + Ross

Celebrating the union of two people in love can be beautiful any time of the year, but Cate & Ross’ Castle Hill Cider Wedding was quite magical. Besides the fact that it looked like a real-life fairytale, it was also during Fall – which definitely made everything even more special.

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I was delighted to witness their Charlottesville Wedding at this beautiful venue.  There’s something incredible about how venues in the Blue Ride Mountains can elegantly combine a barn and mountain wedding together. It amazing to take advantage of such a picturesque view by capturing lovely photos of our couple. In addition to that, their reception was styled in a minimalistic yet elegant way, with bistro lights illuminating the area, making it even more classy. Not to mention how royal it was for the couple to do the Saber Arch Exit since the groom is a commissioned officer in the Navy. A Saber Arch Exit is where sabers or swords are formed into an arch to where the bride and groom pass under. This is a way to salute the newly married couple and was such a pleasing sight to witness in this place. It was definitely an amazing Castle Hill Cider Wedding celebration. 

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Not only did they have a gorgeous Charlottesville wedding day, but they had a love story worth remembering. Here’s more about our couple!

Rose is a Lieutenant in the Navy, while Cate is a nurse and JMU alumni. They both love adventure, wine, and their dog Mav. This only goes to show that this compatibility drove them into each other’s arms, and the next thing they knew, they were moving across the country in California and having a Castle Hill Cider Wedding at Keswick VA with their family and friends. All thanks to Ross’s romantic proposal at the stunning shore of the beach in Emerald Isle, NC, last summer of 2020.
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