How I Got Started:
I began to develop a love for photography when I went on a missions trip to Guatemala right before my senior year of High School. I came across a few children who WANTED to get their picture taken. We had a language barrier, but for some reason, photography is what connected us. 

My Style:
I'm passionate about making photography speak for itself. I have a very candid, photo journalistic style, as I really want to make sure that every picture I take is a reflection of who you are so that someone can easily know your personality just by looking at a picture of you!  

I want to hear from you! Please, don't hesitate to Contact Me!

JaQuayla's four favorite things

I have watched the Lion Kings more times than I care to count. I can quote it word for word

I'm often seen wearing my oversized A&N Hoodie. It's even acquired rabbit holes and that somehow doesn't deter me from wearing it

I'm a sucker for authentic New York Pizza.

I'm Passionate about ice cream. If you give me Haagen Dazs, Ben & Jerry's, or Talenti (gelato) I will be your best friend