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Hello, Darling!
I'm JaQuaylA

I'm the one that loves eating pints of ice cream -so I think it's safe to say that ice cream and I are going pretty steady. I find joy in watching the Lion King ALL the time and I'm someone who you may find listening to the Hamilton or Encanto soundtrack more often than I care to admit. 

 I'm not Virginian born, but definitely Virginian raised. I have such a sweet love for its radiating beauty and history and I find myself in a museum or in the Blue Ridge Mountains pretty often. I also love being able to hike the back country roads with my rambunctious Giant Schnauzer, Huan.

i believe photography connects us in a world that can't be describe with words

I'm the Richmond wedding photographer that believes in making every memory lovely and sweet. My love for photography grew after going on a trip to Guatemala in high school. I fell in love with the way photography connects us in a world that can’t be described with words. And even more, I began to love being able to radiantly capture love. Now, nearly thirteen years later, I find myself with the desire to be a part of providing elegant, radiant, and vibrant imagery for darling sweethearts. 

your love is sweet

It's a lovely story where every detail should be told

It's coming, you're getting married to the love of your life! You can't stop thinking about the day your sweetheart proposed and all of the beautiful parts of your relationship that solidified that they were the one. Wedding planning should be fun! But there seems to be a rollercoaster of emotions and the to-do list seems to be never ending. I definitely understand the feeling! You're excited and want to celebrate all the time. You're also overwhelmed and don't know where to even begin when it comes to looking for resources.  When thinking about wedding photography, you want to look and feel comfortable. And you're anxious about all of the details coming together for your day. It's okay to have all of those feelings. Everything, no matter how big or small is worth it and I'm here to ensure that you have everything you need to feel valued and cared for as you prepare for your wedding day. So that every part of your love story can be told.

I say it's deeper because you deserve more than just connecting with your wedding photographer.  You deserve someone that will remember the important details of your day, who is intuitive to knowing that you need something before you even have to say it.  Who will be your biggest advocate and someone that you can trust.  You deserve to be able to be completely immersed in loving on your darling sweetheart on your wedding day so that you can relive all of the joyful and intimate moments every time you look at your images.


A wedding experience is catered with you in mind

A trustworthy resource and supporter

You deserve a stress-free engagement and I have years of wedding experience that will assist in making the your wedding day go as smoothly as possible.  If you need recommendations for vendors, I'll pass along the ones that I believe would work best for your day! If you need help with structuring the wedding timeline, I will be able to help you build it too. Don't know what to wear for your engagement session? I have resources to help. Overwhelmed and need to vent?  I'm all ears! 

I believe that your images should capture every sweet and beautiful moment. All of the laughs, the tears, and especially the love. I cater your wedding experience with you in mind. I want to ensure that the first time we connect til the time that I deliver your images that you know that you are valued and cared for. 

A wedding experience goes deeper than just having a connection With your wedding photographer

From the moment you get engaged til well after your wedding day  

The JCP Experience

Elegant, Radiant, & Vibrant imagery that captures your story that is lovely and sweet

Because what else is better being able to look back on radiating love that you share for years to come!

JaQuayla's favorites 

I ABSOLUTELY LOVE ICE CREAM - If you give me Haagen Dazs, Ben & Jerry's, or Talenti, I'll be your best friend forever. I love eating chocolate, cookies, and cake. Just give me all the sugar. 


because we deserve all things sweet and lovely


because stories are best when they're visually told

I have watched the Lion King more times than I care to count - I can quote it word for word. 
Antwone Fisher really puts me in the feels and I'll watch anything with Will Smith in it.

I'm often seen wearing my oversized A&N Hoodie. It's even acquired rabbit holes and that somehow doesn't deter me from wearing it. I also really love my blue plaid flannel and weighted blanket

Being comfy

because we are best when we are comfortable

I'm a sucker for authentic New York Pizza and there really isn't a better way to have a steak other than medium rare. I also really enjoy mexican and cajun cuisine. 


Because the most magical things happen over a meal

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